• Lean Office
    8 wastes.jpg
    In our trainings , everybody understands perfectly the concept of “waste” and are able to cleary identify it thinking of a factory, but sometimes is hard to identify the wastes in an office environment. So what kind of wastes can we find in our offices?
    Let´s try to find them and start cleaning our office! And I am not talking about your drawers that obviously really need a hard job…
    1.- Defects
    What is a deffect? A final...
  • Implementing Lean: New Balance Case


    How would you like to get one of those results: 
    • Throughput time reduced from 8 days to 2 hours
    • Reject rate reduced from 3.65% to .7%
    • ETA from 76.2% to 99+%
    • Factory footprint from 100,000 sq.ft. to 66000 sq. ft.
    • Pairs per person increase of 25%
    • Reduced WIP inventory by $500K 
    • Established daily pull signal from finished goods warehouse to factory
    • Reduced finished goods inventory from 100K pair to 30K pair
    • Increased product availability percentage from 80% to...
  • Football & Business: Crisis? Chance to Change!
    After the Brazilian debacle in the world cup, it came to my mind plenty of examples of football teams which managed to get brilliant results after very Deep crisis, and unfortunately how other clubs just refused to learn any lesson.
    Let´s put as an example two football Clubs, Real Zaragoza and Real Sociedad , both historical clubs within Spanish football with a very similar number of trophies in their glass cabinets. In 2007 both teams where playing in the...
  • Football and Management
    Brazil 2014
    Since 1863 when football was formalized in the Freemason´s Tavern in London, football teams have handle with success concepts such as strategy, flexibility , results, leadership, talent, teambuilding, value, discipline…and dealt with the very visible hand of the supporters, who are the real final customers. Let´s remark that the first Industrial Revolution took place at the same time, so industry, business and football have developed together at the same time.
    The first thing that comes up to our mind...
  • In2effect Training Tour in Ukraine

    In2effect Group of Companies performed the last two weeks of June a Corporative Training Tour in Ukraine, in which seven major companies and organizations were enrolled: Roshen , UkrSibbank , Danone , Prominvestbank , Gurt , Zaporozhtransformator and Interpipe .


    Our Ukrainian colleagues had the opportunity to get started in the Lean Six Sigma universe from the “White Belt” level. Added to the theoretical material, participants were actively involved thanks to the "Lean Trainer" a simulation game that helps...

  • Holding a warm cup of coffee makes us friendlier? Really!?
    • Holding a warm cup of coffee makes us friendlier
    • Red type on a test leads to poorer performance
    • A heavy clipboard can make your CV seem more impressive
    • Seeing a light bulb makes you think more creatively
    • Clean smells promote moral behavior
    • Wearing sunglasses makes us more liable to cheat
    • Sitting on a soft chair makes us more malleable in negotiations
    • Unpleasant tastes lead us to make harsher moral judgments
    • Sports teams wearing black are penalized more ... 
    Introducing the...
  • Lean Management and Bruce Lee
    One of the terms we usually find in all kind of production and management literature is “Flexibility” . What does it mean and why is so important?
    Markets nowadays are very volatile, they change fast and what today is trendy, valid and at the vanguard, tomorrow is outdated and old fashioned. Customers have plenty of tools to get information and they can choose easily what they want, whenever they want and wherever they want, and just with a mouse...
  • Great TED video: As work gets more complex, 6 rules to simplify
    Why do people feel so miserable and disengaged at work? Because today's businesses are increasingly and dizzyingly complex — and traditional pillars of management are obsolete, says Yves Morieux.
    So, he says, it falls to individual employees to navigate the rabbit's warren of interdependencies. In this energetic talk, Morieux offers six rules for "smart simplicity."  (Rule One: Understand what your colleagues actually do.)
  • Lean Six Sigma Trend
    LSS Trend.jpg
    Google has an interesting (and funny) tool called “Google Trends” which helps us to check out the trend for a particular search-term. It includes geographical information as well as the evolution of the term request along the time. You can check this tool here .
    So I was wondering about the tendency of some interesting terms and of course, the first one I tried was “Lean Six Sigma” you can check the chart I got in the picture.
  • We congratulate our colleagues from TBC Bank (Georgia) on the acquisition of Lean Six Sigma White Belt.
    On May, 2nd 2014, a team of employees from TBC Bank (Georgia) took the training and received the White Belt Certification in Lean Six Sigma .Training was conducted by the representatives of In2effect Group of Companies , Javier Guillén Madrid and Yana Demenko.
    TBC Bank is the leading Bank in Georgia with more than 700,000 customers and 110 branches. Two years ago, TBC Bank successfully started to deploy Lean Six Sigma Technology, creating a Lean Transformation Department and reaching...
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